Settlement Services


The service provides information for Ethiopian immigrants and new comers on issues such as childcare and school, housing, employment, health, finance, languages, and much more. The service is dedicated to helping newcomers and immigrants settle in their communities by providing first hand information on day to day questions. For instance, Childcare and Schools provides lists of places that provide day care for pre-school children and schools for school aged children.

Health and Well Being provides information on physical and mental health. This includes medical information as well as leisure and recreation activities. Housing gives information on renting and buying property. Important Documents provides information on applying for birth, death and marriage certificates, child benefit tax, EI, passports, sponsorship and many more.

The settlement program functions by mainly working with other not- for- profit organisations as well as different government sectors. In 2007, Manitoba immigration increased nine per cent, reaching 10,955 immigrants. Manitoban’s population growth of 2.6 % largely attributed to immigration. Out of the 10,955 there were 275 (2.5 %) new immigrants from Ethiopia.