To provide cultural and educational activities for all members of the community bringing together Winnipeg, culture, and community.


Our Beginning

The Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg was established by a group of concerned Ethiopian residents in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1984 to create the means or the venue to address the cultural, emotional and economic needs of Ethiopians fostering the retention and development of Ethiopian cultural heritage in Canada. The Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg is a community-based non-profit agency providing information, referral and advocacy. It assists Newcomer Ethiopians with immediate needs for settling in Winnipeg or with ongoing integration into Canadian society. It provides cultural and educational activities for members of the community. Our purpose is not only to assist and educate the Ethiopian community but also to provide them with a sense of unity, belongingness, inclusiveness, and well-being, and by doing so we help them avoid isolation, negative influences such as drugs, alcohol, and gang-related issues. It also advocates, and lobby on their behalf so that their problems are understood and actions are taken to address these by the policy makers. As a result of its constant and unconditional effort, hopes to empower new Canadians in the province with knowledge and tools that enable them to bridge the social and cultural gaps they face, and access the social and legal rights to which they are entitled.


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.”


Our Mission

Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg:

  • Exists to develop, promote and support the interests of the Ethiopian community in Manitoba

  • Dedicated to providing various services and programs that support and facilitate the integration of Ethiopian newcomer to Manitoba

  • Desires to reach and form relationships with Ethiopians, Ethio-Canadian community, and all those who love Ethiopia

Our Values

As a community, we aspire to be:

  • Inclusive

  • Transparent

  • Co-operative and supportive

  • Valued by the Ethiopian community

  • Respected by the wider community and the diverse communities strong

We will work in a way which:

  • Encourages Ethiopian pride

  • Advances a positive community spirit

  • Promotes trust and understanding

  • Respects individuals, their views, and contribution

  • Facilitate honest and open communication


Our goal

We aim to have:

  • Prosperous and growing membership which embraces Ethiopians of all generations and backgrounds

  • Proactive elected leadership that works in partnership and communicates effectively with members and the wider community

  • Strong and vibrant cultural life through a network of flourishing, active and well-managed community center

Upcoming Events