Winnipeg Supports the Reforms to Democracy, Transparency and Respect to Human Right by Prime Minster Dr. Abiy Ahmed and Co.


Thanks to the thousands of brave Ethiopians who have sacrificed their precious lives for change, the country appears to be changing before our eyes. Prime Minster Dr. Abiy’s dramatic appearance as head of the Ethiopian state has brought more integrity, transparency, credibility and magnanimity to the highest office in the land. Moreover, his excellency commendable decision to release most of the political prisoners, negotiate the release of thousands of Ethiopians jailed in neighboring countries, replace key military and civilian leaders, lift the state of emergency and call for national dialogue may have successfully averted what could have easily become one of the most gloomy and tumultuous periods in Ethiopian history.
We support and pray for his and Co. wisdom and courage to carefully surf through the delicate political terrain to shape the country’s future for posterity. Too many opportunities to set Ethiopia on the right course of democratic governance have been squandered during the last 50+ years and may God help us not to blow-up this one again.
We are ready to build Our Beloved Ethiopia where justice, equality, human rights and the rule of law shall roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.
We – all Ethiopians from north to south, east to west — dressed in our resplendent regalia unity shall overcome because truth forever will not hang from the scaffold nor wrong forever sit on the throne forever in OUR BELOVED ETHIOPIA!
Love conquers all!