"To provide cultural and educational activities for all members of the community"

Bringing together Winnipeg, culture, and community

Our Mission

Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg:
* exists to develop, promote and support the interests of the Ethiopian community in Manitoba
* dedicated to providing various services and programs that support and facilitate the integration of Ethiopian newcomer to Manitoba
* desires to reach and form relationships with Ethiopians, Ethio-Canadian community, and all those who love Ethiopia

Our Values

Our Values
As a community, we aspire to be:
* Transparent
* Co-operative and supportive
* Valued by the Ethiopian community
* Respected by the wider community and the diverse communities strong
We will work in a way which:
* Encourages Ethiopian pride
* Advances a positive community spirit
* Promotes trust and understanding
* Respects individuals, their views, and contribution
* Facilitate honest and open communication

Our goal

Our goal
We aim to have:
* Prosperous and growing membership which embraces Ethiopians of all generations and backgrounds
* Proactive elected leadership that works in partnership and communicates effectively with members and the wider community
* Strong and vibrant cultural life through a network of flourishing, active and well-managed community center